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Metrology Services

Metrology services have experienced a tough time in generating revenue in recent years. There has been a complete change in approach by the companies providing Metrology services to their customers. These companies have gone from charging heavy amount of fees to their customers in the name of maintaining quality measurement equipments to adopting a self-service mode for measuring measurement equipment usage. It has been found that most of the companies are unable to maintain their reputation. On the other hand, there are very few companies, which are able to retain their reputation and deliver better performance in future.

RecommendationsA thorough analysis is undertaken by the consulting companies on all the three things mentioned above to determine the right direction and objectives for success in the coming year. The final report is sent to the customers and stakeholders. Recommendations from senior management employees are given more weightage than the recommendations received from the customer consulting companies. End of the year summaries are sent to the clients and stakeholders for review. If the clients find the reports useful, they generally tend to approve the recommendations of the metrology services. If they do not, they give the go ahead for the implementation to proceed further.

Legal Metrology Services & Calibration Whereas, quality performance based measurement equipment is mandatory for any metrology services business these days, it does not mean that you just focus on metrology equipment performance as the main indicator of the quality performance of the company. Rather, quality performance focused audit and inspection should be performed on a regular basis in order to identify potential problems that can bring about short-term and long-term losses. In the current recessionary situation where most of the businesses have gone bankrupt and the market is facing severe problems of competition, it is important to identify the areas of weaknesses that can cost the company excessive amounts of money in terms of services and products. This way, the legal metrology services company can develop plans to rectify these problems before they have time to affect the business results.

The other areas of focus of metrology services are those areas where the client wants his/her industries or factories inspected. In this case, the company hires several inspectors who carry out various dimensional inspection services. These inspectors are trained and certified by companies to carry out quality inspections. However, the clients need to ensure that these inspectors are well-equipped with all the necessary equipment such as camera’s and other gadgets so that the entire inspections process turns out to be successful.

Metrology Services and Calibration Some industries today use specialized measuring devices and techniques for accomplishing precision measurements. Such measurement equipment and techniques need to be employed by the metrology laboratories. The purpose of using special measuring devices is to obtain accurate data which can then be used in metrology services. For example, the dimension of the product’s weight is very important because this information will help the manufacturers to determine the proper dosage of the product for manufacturing purposes. The weighing instrument and its calibration play a significant role in this aspect.

Other important considerations related to metrology services are the implementation of quality management systems, business standardisation and the adoption of global standardisation. These aspects involve a significant amount of time, money and energy. In most cases, it has been seen that these aspects fail to deliver the required results leading to inefficiency and miscommunication among the stakeholders. Therefore, it is advisable that a metrology laboratory adopts some measure of quality management system for the entire process of measurement and application of the standards. For instance, the business standardisation involves the setting of quality goals and objectives to ensure that the desired results are obtained from the processes of measurement.

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